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Receive a training account accrediated by us
This is a great opportunity for you to be part of the team and prove yourself as we guide you through the next 12 months of your trading journey from a junior trader to becoming a senior trader. As part of your education package you will be provided with a training account with credits with which you will be able to trade against a live market feed that will enable you to test your newly acquired skills in a controlled and risk free environment. To date we have successfully mentored over 1200 satisfied customers.


Complimentary Access To Astrofx Workshop and Online Course
Access to the Astrofx course material including both 1.0 and 2.0. If your account is £50,000 or higher, you can attend the in-person workshops complimentary, as many times as you wish providing there is availability on the particular dates. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional learning experience in order to equip you with all the tools to dominate the market.


Access to the Mayfair Trading Floor
Astrofx are the first educator to reach the top of the Monopoly Board with our iconic trading floor in Mayfair. Students will get priority access to learn, improve and trade from this location. We have 18 trading desks purposely designed to make the most of your learning experience. Our office has welcomed and trained students from all corners of the globe; with a variety of different ethnicities, various levels of experience and languages. We look forward to seeing you there!


Monthly Performance Reviews
We find that a trader’s journey can be the toughest in the initial 12 months, where they will come across numerous stumbling blocks. We have designed a one year long programme, to keep a close relationship with each student that entails regular catch-up sessions with our team. This helps us understand where a trader could be going wrong and point them in the right direction. We found this is the number one technique to help erase trader’s bad habits and introduce them to the positive ones.


Quarterly Account Reviews
As part of our AstroFX Accelerated Programme in which we provide capital to successful students, we will be review your account every 3 months so that we can maximise our trader’s potentials. Upon review we can offer more account benefits such as larger accounts and also discuss opportunities to work with with AstroFX.


Daily Fundamental Breakdowns
In order to become the ultimate trader, it is vital to understand how fundamentals pay a key role into our day-to-day trading, therefore you will receive daily fundamental breakdowns throughout the day so that you understand key news releases and how they impact the market. We provide this comprehensive information to our students to ensure they are the complete trader and each student is able to cover all angles. As part of our 12-month programme, we will provide breakdowns across several currency pairs each morning as well as key announcements throughout the day.


Money Management Skills
Majority of retail traders in the industry have never made a withdrawal! All of our students will receive money management training on how they can make the most of their hard-earned money. We formulate a plan catered around your goals and aspirations to ensure you are boost your chances on making regular withdrawals at the right times


Mindset Training
Trading is as much about psychology as it is about trading, therefore we provide you with training to focus your energy and channel your mind to concentrate on what matters most. It’s important to understand how you feel when you’ve had a good trade and bad trade, to ensure you amplify profits and reduce losses.


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