This is a 12-month trading programme with a goal to empower traders to learn, improve and take their trading to an institutional level.

We currently back traders across 61 countries across the globe AND we reward success. Whilst we as a company never engage in proprietary trading ourselves we will partner with those able to demonstrate the successful application of the programme.

We believe it is crucial that our students are able to apply the lessons learnt in a pressure free environment. We understand that we are all different and that everyone needs the time and space to learn at their own pace. This is why, unlike the vast majority of education programmes, we do not have any pre-defined timelines for students and why the average lifespan of our training traders is 14 months.
As part of this programme, you will receive:
We Provide Training Accounts Credited by Us
Quarterly Account Reviews
Full Access to the AstroFX Education
Daily Fundamental Breakdowns
Access to the Mayfair Trading Floor
Money Management Skills
Monthly Performance Reviews
Risk FREE Environment

As part of your education package you will be provided with a training account creditted by us which you will be able to trade against a live market feed that will enable you to test your newly acquired skills in a controlled and risk-free environment. This should not be confused with a 'demo' account offered by regulated brokers. To date we have successfully mentored over 1200 satisfied customers.

We believe that what makes us unique is that your development and training are at the very core of our business. We have NO connection with any broker, regulated or otherwise, NO affiliate agreement, NO introducer arrangement. Your training platform is facilitated by our own organic technical training platform – Prime Pro - using the same live price feeds as the major regulated liquidity pool.

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